Friday, June 9, 2017

Soccer Star Spring 2017!

The littlest started playing on his first organized team this year....and the most shenanigans ever ensued!
#14 on the field and #1 in your heart!


He had the biggest cheering section at last week's practice :)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Schurman's Take Sicamous 2016!

We got a little tired of the rainy cool summer that we had this year and decided to plan a little quick, last minute vacation to Beautiful British Columbia!   We decided to head to Sicamous because it is beautiful AND close enough that if  things weren't going well, then we could quickly head back home.
So glad we decided to go on our little adventure, lots of memories made.
Little stop in Golden, BC
Revelstoke stop for a little adventure Trekking & Matea's fave - Enchanted Forest!

Crazy Creek Fun!


The beach!

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Great White North summer 2016!

We ventured up to see our cousins in Grande Prairie this week!
Moving stuff around in the backyard.  Team work works!
 Wearing your oldest cousins swim trunk!

 Checking out the new dinosaur museum!

 Learning lots!

 These two cuties 

 Mackenzie teaching Bampi LOTS of stuff!

 11, 10, and 9 years old
 The most fun swing ever!
Aunt Jen liked it!
 Matea & Bampi playing at the park
When I asked Asher what the best part of the dino museum was, he said "the dino bench with Nana & Bamp"

 4/5 cousins - Matea was all done with pictures.
Celebrating Aunt Jen's birthday!
Aunt Jen sharing her birthday candles with a very excited three year old!
 Who may or may not have spit a little (eek!)
We hit up the Eastlink Center

 So much dinosaur and swimming fun

 We hit up the GP Launch pad - very fun!

Asher LOVES "the fluffy pillows"

Schurman Party of Five